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Finally , I certified as Open Water Diver

Actually i never thought that i will try scuba as new outdoor activity in my life . I just follow the exhibition since last year. I attended the exhibition for this year but still have doubt about this activity . 2 weeks later my friends already sign up with this dive shop then he call me and suggest to sign up to. I think is right time for me to try this activity. The best things about this package you can pay the installment untill you finish the course. Anyway my friends sign up with 2 package but me only sign up only one package coz of money and i think better for me to understand about scuba by taking open water course first. In scuba open water diver is the steeping stone to another level in diving. For your information before practical in confine water , we need to read the book and do the quiz and also the test. Actually i fail the test hahhahha. Maybe i don't understand and did't read the book. The instructor told be me that u must d