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Nike KL Run 2011

NikeKL Run 2011 is coming again for this year on Sunday 27 Nov 2011 . Actually I’m not ready for this Sunday competition because I’m so busy with my career and other stuff . Anyway I’m still want to participate because this event is  big event  and worth more than you pay. You just pay for RM35 for goodies bag , t-shirt and  Nike water bottle. I heard some contestant who join the running event just want t-shirt and  goodies. For me is nothing to question at least they also running for the good course J .On this Sunday  also have entertainment show from Mizz Nina and. Joe Flizow after the running competition. Hope nothing happen to me because I’m not training for the last three weeks hehehe. My goodies beg :) Nike Run T-Shirt Joe Flizow and Mizz Nina

Putrajaya Nite Marathon 2011

This event totally different with other event that I join it . Why ? Because all categories and one of the biggest running event. As newbies I'm still compete under categories 10KM , I'm still not ready for 20KM and 40 KM . As you know half marathon actually is referring to 20KM and full marathon is referring to 40KM. Malam sebelum event lepak dengan geng runner di Murni Restaurant sambil bersembang tentang dunia runners . Very awesome hangout with them event though baru kenal gitu-gitu dan juga pun semasa training dan event. So for this event my target actually want to finish below than 45 minuets but somehow I can't make hehhehe. Actually aku tahu tahu weather makanan or carbo aku makan itu pada potion yang betul or not coz ptg tu aku makan power bar lagi free from official sponsor, so aku amik lah dan makan . So semasa berlari memang aku target untuk buat bawah 45 minit tetapi malangnya aku tidak mampu sehingga aku terpaksa berjalan seketika dan sambung balik . Aku ras

Adidas King Road 2011

This is my second running competition for this year after Men Health Nite Run at Putrajaya and 1st time for 10KM. Bukan kemenangan yang dicari tetapi kepuasan , actually I dont care about the result but just put target for every competition must below 1 hour for 10KM . If I meet my target is already enough for me. The environment really make me inspired to make me believe that ' I can do it' if other people can do it I also can do it. Sepanjang larian aku dalam ADK2011 , yang membuat aku inspired untuk terus aku berlari adalah orang yang berbadan besar. I love their spirit to finish the competition even thought they are slow compare to others. So far penganjuran ini ada yang terbaik , well organize and I'm really satisfied. Ramai juga kawan-kawan baru yang aku kenal , ada yang pakai kain songket ada yang 'barefoot' atau berkaki ayam dan juga ada dari luar negara seperti Philippine , I miss Philippine :) . So see u  all next year. Tips For Newbies: 1. Sleep ea