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40 Awesome Blog Posts about Content Marketing that You Should Read

Content marketers need to be aware of the growing competition in the industry. More marketing content are generated than ever, and it now takes more than writing skills to have an edge over others. This pressures marketers, especially those who are new in this field, to be updated with the latest content marketing trends and to come up with effective strategies and tactics. This is difficult if the marketer does not have reliable sources for guides and updates. In order to create awesome content that will fuel up your overall marketing strategy, you have to learn from others’ awesome content. Here are 40 informative blog posts on content marketing that are worthy to be read, learned and tested: 1.  How to Build an Unbeatable Content Marketing Plan This blog post by Justin McJill on Hubspot encourages content marketers to carefully layout the basics of a marketing plan. 2.  The State of Content Marketing 2015   This post from Smart Insights shares with its audience the

16 Rich Habits

Nak share dengan kawan-kawan the article about 16 rich habits. Pokok pangkalnya everything start with positive mind. Intelligence, talent and charm are great, but more often than not these aren’t what separate the wealthiest among us from the poorest. Instead, the differences are in our daily habits. Do you realize that these subconscious, second-nature activities make up 40 percent of our waking hours? That means that two out of every five minutes, all day and every day, we operate on autopilot. It’s true: Habits are neural pathways stored in the basal ganglia, a golf ball-size mass of tissue right in the center of our brains, in the limbic system. This neural fast lane is meant to save the brain energy: When a habit is formed and stored in this region, the parts of the brain involved in deeper decision-making cease to fully participate in the activity. However, we all know there are good habits and bad habits. I spent years studying the difference between the habit