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Trip To Terengganu

You should try this that call "otak-otak" that made from prawn . The best place to eat at Kemaman, Terengganu. Famous place that sell 'keropok lekor' View from Bukit Puteri ( Pricess Hill ) that u can see the Pulau Duyung ( Duyung Island ) Outside Boat Me and friends inside boat. You can ride the boat near Pasar Payang ( Wet and Dry Market ) the famous market that sell many design 'batik' dan 'sarong' Monumen of Batu Bersurat ( Letter of rock ) Me try to learn how to make batik at my friends house . He who create and sell the batik.

Things To Do at Perhentian Islands

1. Snorkeling and Scuba 2. Find sunrise at island *Better your sleep 1st . Credit to anan dan ikim for this picture 3. Doing some sport either jogging or play softball 4. Sunbath and swimming 5. Chill out with local people and tourist *thank's to abg din who show me how to go wind turbine at up the hill 6. Hiking *can you see me ? 7. Taking picture 8. Kayak around island *this picture i take from Perhentian Challange 2007 "Think About Your Next Trip"

Lazy Boyz at Perhentian Island (Diving's like Sex)

Our trip basicly just to release tension after work hectic and to relax. Just wanna have with office mate and new frez. 6 boys and 3 girls and most of us are office mate. We have plan and it's take a long coz each of us so busy with work and every try to arrange the schuelde . I'm glad the trip succesfull and everyone satisfied with the trip although ade yang mabuk laut hehhee. This my short story about my trip: Trip member : me , ikim , shima , eji , farid, fazrul, mirul, anan amari , hanif Date : 8 Mei to 11 Mei 2008 8 MEI 2008 : We take bus from Stesen Bus Section 17 aroud 8.30 pm . Our bus is double decker (BAS MAHLIGAI).Then bus tu akan ke kl untuk ambil penumpang selebihnya . Di dalam bus tu ade group yang lain juga pergi , rasanyer 3 group yang pergi.Sampai di Merapoh jam 1.30 am untuk berehat sebentar samada makan atau buat aper yang patut lah hehehe.Anyway buger kat situ mahal harga RM2.50 nilai dia sama mcm buger harga RM1.00 .Kami sampai di Jeti Kuala Besut lebih