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Day 3 : Binondo and Quiapo

On 3rd day we going to Binondo  and Quiapo , actually the QUIAPO is best known for the Quiapo Church, the official “residence” of the Black Nazarene. Around the Church, one finds many hawkers selling religious articles side by side vendors selling “anting-anting” (charms, herbs, amulets, voodoo items) . I and Marielle are try to check our luck by Fortune Taller. She the most popular Fortune Taller is here. Anyway the are a lot of cheap souvenier you can  bagain here. Then from Quiapo , I went to Binondo to see the China Town . Binondo is an enclave in Manila primarily populated by ethnic Chinese living in the Philippines.  Chinatown, Manila (Binondo) is the oldest Chinatown in the world, established in 1594. Mostly the building have Chinese character on their signage. Versi Bahasa Malaysia Quiapo  – Kami sampai lebih kurang jam 11 pagi  dan Quiapo sebenarnya terkenal dengan ‘Wet Market’ dan barang cenderamata. Terdapat pelbagai barang cenderamata boleh didapati di situ dengan  ha