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Mount Bintang

Mount Bintang (In Malay: Gunung Bintang) is a mountain on the border of the states Kedah and Perak in the Bintang Mountains, Malaysia. Its summit is 1,863 metres (about 6,174 ft) the highest mountain in Kedah. 7 hour 30 minute hike from Sedim Recreation Park,Kulim,Kedah. The campsite available at summit but no water point.some muddy trail before summit.lots of leeches along the trail.beware of big cat and elephant.The journey very leisure because it took 2 day to complete . Very enjoyable and nice view at the summit . During that times the weather very cold and it was raining during hiking. Everyone should try spend 2 day 1 night after doing white water rafting at Sedim River.  Elephant poo