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FUJIMARU might be sold to foreign country

The end of this month, ahead of the luxury cruise liner Nippon "Fujimaru" (23,235 gross tons) to retire after finishing the operation of a quarter of a century. fr Built in (Kobe, Hyogo-ku) Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Kobe Shipyard & Machinery Works, a white figure is graceful, proud also exist for Minato Kobe flourished in the shipping and shipbuilding. The 19th, starting in the last voyage, Fujimaru went to Tokyo by being seen off by citizens to regret goodbye from Kobe. The flying to 1989, boasting a luxurious amenities such as a hall that can accommodate atrium lobby, such as hotels, and 600 people. "Shosenmitsuikyakusen" was originally operated, active in the cruise to the United States and Australia. Subsidiary company "Nippon Charter Cruise" (Tokyo) operated a fleet currently. Number of passengers ever to reach 500 000 people total. Policy in the future, be sold to foreign countries. 14 minutes Yomiuri Shimbun 18:19 (June 2013 Translate

Ms Fuji Maru Ship

Pernahkah anda terfikir suatu hari anda berlayar di atas kapal selama 52 hari kemudian berhenti di 4 negara Asia Tenggara dan Jepun.Program  ini dinamakan sebagai Program Kapal Belia Asia Jepun (SSEAYP) dan peserta terdiri dari 11 negara Asia Tenggara termasuk Jepun selaku tuan punya program ini. Masuk tahun ini program ini telah berjalan selama 38 tahun bermula sejak 1973 . Tujuan asal program ini adalah untuk membina tali persahabatan dan juga merapatkan hubung di antara negara Asia Tenggar dan Jepun (Mutual Understanding)  selain dari belajar tentang budaya dan adat resam negara masing-masing. Baru-baru kapal ini Kapal Ms Fuji Maru telah berlayar di Malaysia. Saya berkesempatan untuk melihat kapal ini lebih dekat dan bagaimana bentuk dan saiz yang boleh menampung sehingga 400 orang termasuk krew kapal. Memang dalam kapal itu seolah-olah seperti dalam hotel , ala-ala Titanic hehehe. Ada housekeeping , swimming pool , sauna , bilik wayang , dobi dan lain-lain lagi. Apa yang boleh saya

Try but not try at all

I try to update this blog often but sometimes i'm to tired to write and to think what should i write . Anyway me life so busy right now with work , after work going gym and most of the time my life full with personal activity during weekend. I hard to believe that i'm still here with my friend and family. But not all my friends that i able to meet coz time consuming. Might one day i still meet them because they are important in my life and best to 'lepak'with them coz i like to share with their current activity such scouting , business , outdoor and many more. At the left picture is me at star cruise terminal . The ship call Fuji Maru.  Only certain people who are selected can join this program that call SSEAYP . I hope next year i will be selected so that i can sail around south east asia for a month and at the same time learn about other coulture.