Busy for what?

Kadang-kadang kita tak tahu apa yang buat kita busy seperti saya juga berperasaan seperti itu semua perkara nak buat. Namun begita my passion are backpacking and traveling. Other than that I always like to change and re-edit website theme. Kadang-kadang tangan gatal jer nak tukar theme or make a new blog but actually the most important is content. If you always update the blog people will follow you and will increase your traffic blog. In other words your blog will easily increase the Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Beside that there some technique need follow to ensure your blog always at the top of SEO. Basicly I'm so busy with

a) Internet Marketing for Health Product - www.sinusking.com

Actually this project adalah benchmark terhadap saya apa yang telah saya belajar selama 6 bulan dalam Program Intensif Perniagaan Internet & Strategi Media Sosial conduct by Irfan Khairi.

b) Graphic Design - http://iwork-design.blogspot.com/

Selepas menghadiri kelas iCLASS DESIGN selama 2 hari belajar design for internet marketing so membuat banyak latihan coz practise make perfect. Dalam 2 hari dah master nak buat ebook cover. Now on proses to create more portfolio graphic design di website http://iwork-design.blogspot.com/

c) Food Blogger -  http://backpackinghalalfood.blogspot.com/

Memandang saya selalu travel di beberapa negara terutama asia tenggara maka saya selalu menghadapi mencari halal food. So this blog will be focus where to find halal food. At the same time to create awareness among Moslem about the important to find halal food while travelling.

d) Travel Blog - http://www.malaysiabackpackers.com/

Banyak story yang masih tertangguh coz busy target nak update everyday but then sibuk sangat hehehe. But I try my best to update at least once a week even though i try update every day. This is my passion travel and blogging.

e ) Next travel trip : Where ? Maybe somewhere in Europe and i want to make this trip as the epic journey in my life. By the way still under plan.

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