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Content marketers need to be aware of the growing competition in the industry. More marketing content are generated than ever, and it now takes more than writing skills to have an edge over others. This pressures marketers, especially those who are new in this field, to be updated with the latest content marketing trends and to come up with effective strategies and tactics. This is difficult if the marketer does not have reliable sources for guides and updates.
In order to create awesome content that will fuel up your overall marketing strategy, you have to learn from others’ awesome content. Here are 40 informative blog posts on content marketing that are worthy to be read, learned and tested:
1. How to Build an Unbeatable Content Marketing Plan
This blog post by Justin McJill on Hubspot encourages content marketers to carefully layout the basics of a marketing plan.
2. The State of Content Marketing 2015 
This post from Smart Insights shares with its audience the state of content marketing this 2015 through helpful infographics.
3. This Content Marketing Tip is Worth Gold. You Won’t Believe What Happened When I Did This!
This article from Jeff Bullas shares interesting insights on how to increase the reach of posts on social media particularly Twitter and Facebook through visual content.
4. The Ultimate Content Marketing Checklist: 40 Questions to Ask Yourself before Publishing Your Next Blog Post
QuickSprout’s guide provides a good checklist on how to ensure the success of a marketer’s content marketing tactics. By providing 40 self-directed questions, the readers can evaluate if they are creating their content right.
5. 50 Tools to Jumpstart Your Content Marketing Efforts
Kissmetrics gives us this informative list of the tools that can help make content marketing strategies more effective. These tools are useful in bringing your content to the right audience.
6. Why SEO is Actually All About Content Marketing
This another blog post from Kissmetrics points out that SEO and content marketing go together, contrary to the thought of many digital marketers that these two are rivals.
7. Top 11 Most Powerful Content Marketing Examples by Small Businesses
On Spokal, Alexandra Skey lists down 11 testimonials of small businesses that have enormously grown through content marketing.
8. The Un-checkbox Approach to Content Marketing
Moz encourages content marketers to evaluate the marketing strategies they learn before applying them all.
9. The Next Generation of Content Marketing: 6 Insights About Intelligent Content
On this blog post, Content Marketing Institute talks about intelligent content as being the future of content marketing.
10. 5 Rules for Video Content Marketing In 2015
Visual.ly gives marketers 5 handy tips—or rules—on how to make video content marketing successful.
11. The Best Content Marketing Tools for Creation, Promotion, Syndication, and More
Wordstream provides a list of proven effective tools that can make your content marketing campaign more efficient and effective.
12. 26 Content Marketing Experts to Follow in 2015
Buildfire gives a list of influential content marketing specialists who marketers should follow if they want to make it big in the industry.
13. Content Marketing Trends for 2015
The Guardian sees 2015 as a year of improved newsroom and user-experience trend in content marketing.
14. How Content Marketing is Outpacing SEO in 2015
Inbound.org gives their insights on how content marketing is beating SEO in digital marketing.
15. 8 Content Marketing Trends to Watch Out for in 2015
With detailed infographics, Jomer Gregorio posts more predicted content marketing trends on Business 2 Community.
16. Introducing the 2015 Beginner’s Guide to Content Marketing
This blog post from Search Engine Journal gives content marketing newbies a heads up of how they can run the race in the industry particularly this 2015.
17. What I Learned from Content Marketing World Sydney 2015
Brian Corrigan shares on Magnetic Content the insights he has learned from influential marketers during the Content Marketing World Sydney 2015.
18. The 4 Essentials of Video Content Marketing Success
Entrepreneur sees video content marketing to dominate in the next two years. For marketers to be successful in this kind of marketing, they share some tips.
19. Is Your Mobile Friendly Website Ready for April 21st?
Business 2 Community shares some tips on how business owners can turn their websites mobile friendly just in time for Google’s change of algorithm on April 21st.
20. 9 Best Social Media and Content Marketing Tips from Buffer
On Convince and Convert, Leo Widrich shares 9 practical tips he learned from Buffer that will help marketers develop better social media marketing and content marketing strategies and tactics.
21. 10 Tips for Planning Your Content Marketing Strategy
TechSmith gives useful tips that can help content marketers come up with a solid content marketing plan and strategy.
22. Practical Social Media Tips to Enhance Your Content Marketing
Hootsuite shares some practical tips that can help content marketers make social media work best for them.
23. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly Truth About Content Marketing in 2015
Social Media Today shows all the sides of truth about content marketing this 2015 that marketers must know about.
24. Content Marketing Benchmarks: A 2015 Roadmap
Content Marketing Forum analyzes the different types of content marketers. Moreover, they share the best practices or strategies that the strongest group uses.
25. 7 Things That World-Class Bloggers Do to Improve Their Content Marketing Efforts 
This post from CMI gives fresh and informative insights that can help bloggers improve their craft and plan their blogging carefully.
26. The Art of Concision: How to Effectively Make Your Point in Fewer Words 
This blog post from Moz emphasizes the need for short and concise content. It shows that shorter and briefer posts are more effective than longer ones.
27. Does Your 2015 Content Marketing Strategy Cover These Trends?
Marketing Tech Blog gives a list of the trends that content marketers must cover with their strategies.
28. 5 Mistakes You’re Making with Your Content Marketing Strategy
Forbes exposes 5 mistakes that content marketers should avoid in their strategy. The article also gives ideas of how to avoid them.
29. 7 Step Content Creation Strategy for Epic Content Marketing
Michael Georgiou writes this 7-step strategy that content marketers can use to create epic content.
30. The Social Media Marketing Tips You Can’t Go Into 2015 Without
Social Bro shares some social media marketing tips that content marketers should use this 2015.
31. 5 Visual Storytelling Tips to Power Your Content Marketing on Facebook
Jeff Bullas blog post gives insights on how content marketers can make their posts stand out on Facebook through visual storytelling.
32. 9 Actionable Content Marketing Tips from Top Industry Experts
Content marketers can learn from bigtime marketing specialists through these awesome tips gathered by Forbes.
33. 5 Useful Tips for a Successful Content Marketing Strategy
This blog post from Tweak Your Biz offers helpful tips on how to come up with successful content marketing strategy.
34. 15 Actionable Content Marketing Tips to Drive More Traffic 
Siege Media shares these 15 tips that can help content marketers generate more traffic to their websites or blogs.
35. The 4 Types of Content Metrics that Matter
On Convince and Convert, Jay Baer shares the kinds of content metrics that marketers should take note of.
36. What Does Content Marketing Success Look Like?
The Guardian shares the insights of Dominic Mills on Outbrain regarding the current status of content marketing through the eyes of the award winners in Content Marketing Association.
37. The 7 Steps to a ‘Good-to-Great’ Content Marketing Strategy
Buffer Social encourages content marketers to take their strategies to a higher level. Check out these steps of how to do it.
38. 3 Great Choices for a Winning Content Marketing Strategy
Entrepreneur shares insights on making the best choices in the creation of content marketing strategy.
39. 6 Steps to a Data-Driven Content Marketing Strategy
Through the examples of successful brands, Dun & Bradstreet Connectors encourages marketers to produce more data-driven content.
40. 20 Blogs Every Content Marketer Should Read
Last but not the least, if you want to learn from the top content marketing experts in the industry, why not subscribe and follow this list of blogs that every content marketer should read?
To generate the best content, you should not just rely on your own knowledge and understanding but you should also put others’ content within your radar. By knowing and understanding the best content in your competition, you will have the better chance to produce a winning piece.

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