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Backpacking By Train: From Kuala Lumpur to Bangkok

Hi guys, for this time our trip is just to meet our local friends and have a short visit around Bangkok city. I would like to share my intenary so that you guys can you as reference if one day plan to go to Bangkok by train

1st Day : Departure at Kuala Lumpur Sentral Train Station at 9.30 pm because we take night train . Before that let see my video about price of food in train restaurant from Kuala Lumpur to Butterworth, Pulau Pinang. Sorry it is in Malaysia language.

2nd Day : Arrive early morning at Station Butterworth , Pulau Pinang. We take at ferry to mainland that breakfast overthere. Then we take a bus and walking around the city until 12 pm . After that going back again to Station Butterworth another train to continue our journey to Bangkok. Sharp at 2.30 pm the train start moving

The train stop for a while for immigration at Padang Besar. Then the train will continue to Bangkok and stop for while at Hatyai Train station to connect another coach that also consist of restaurant. Now the coach are longer than before.
Along the way the train pass by some place and stop a for a while at some main station to drop off passenger.

3rd Day : We arrive at Hua Lampong Train Station around 1.00 pm. Our hotel just 5 minutes from train station. After that check in hotel and  we take a rest for a while. Then we went to Golden Buddha Temple just for short visit because near to our hotel. Then went to  MBK Mall. We take our dinner there because the food court area have halal food. A variety halal food you can find there and very convenience for muslim to eat there.
We meet out local friends at food court then after we finish out dinner he bring us to Asiatique The Riverfront. Then meet another friends there. The place actually is just open one a year ago and became a tourist spot for local and foreigner. Very nice place for chill and hangout.
4th Day : After having breakfast at hotel , we went to Madam Tussauds a wax museum at Siam Discovery near MBK Mall. My 1st time to wax museum and  we spent almost 3 hours to covers every section. Every section have different them like sport , national leader and many more.
Then we have our lunch at MBK Mall but different restaurant not same place like yesterday. After that we just walking around the mall.  At 4.30 pm we move to Port Huas for our SSEAYP Reunion On Board. The reunion officially start at 6.30 pm . So happy to meet our batch 2010 and other batch too, remind us those day crazy thing doing on board hahah.
5th Day : We wake up early morning because we because our flight at 11.00 am something and we need to be airport 2 hours before depart. For your information the demonstration just sparkle up just in Bangkok so we need to check out early as soon as possible. We took at taxi and he use alternative hight to avoid the demonstration.  

Time flies very fast and the plane take off at 11.00 am. Bye bye Bangkok See you again in the future.  

Our itinerary :

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