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Luahan perasaan: dulu dan sekarang

Disebabkan laptop aku rosak banyak sangat perkara tergendala dan fikiran aku juga terganggu membuat jiwa aku kacau dan meracau. Dulu aku selalu update my personal blog about my view on politic , life and my personal life. But now I try to ignore to share about my personal life but some how I don't feel statisfaction when writing on blog. So today on on words I will write anything about my personal life and personal view about everything. If anyone want to know about my travel stories just go to So because my laptop already broke up, I only can do limited work using ipad. Cannot upload pic easily and unless if the picture in Sd card so that I can tranfer to iPad easily. After this I will update about my personal life in this blog. Jumpa lagi .