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How To Travel as a Vegetarian

Being vegetarian has its own benefits. Talk to your vegetarian/vegan friends and they will give you an endless list of reasons why you should be vegetarian. When it comes to travelling, however, vegetarians definitely suffer in comparison. Unless you are a foodie, travelling to a new place might mean you could hate the food and have to go hungry – one of the reasons why some people find travelling stressful. Most vegetarians end up surviving on soups, fries from Mc Donald’s, ice creams and other beverages especially when they travel to countries which are big meat eaters like a lot of the East Asian countries, USA and Australia. End result – your trip isn’t half as fun as it could have been. If you have chosen to be vegetarian, it most definitely does not mean you need to starve wherever you go; all it needs is some planning and some work on your part. First, obtain the food habit details of the place you are travelling to. The internet is the answer to most of your problems.

Cerita Masyarakat di Hari Raya ke2 : Extended version dari FB

Cerita Masyarakat di Hari Raya ke2 : 1. Yang Muda tidak selamanya muda , tetap akan tua. Apabila sampai masanya tetap akan mati , yang tinggal hanya lah amalan semasa di dunia. 2. Cerita tentang penyakit adalah topik utama dibualkan oleh golongan berumur. Jagalah kesihatan semasa muda supaya apabila dah masuk kumpulan veteran boleh mengaku saya sihat dan boleh berlari Full Marathon. Kalau penyakit disebabkan keturunan jagalah kesihatan semasa masih muda 3. Doktor sendiri pun tak nak anak dia jadi doktor , so biarkanlah anak yg decide dan tentukan hidup mereka . 4. Topik poligami topik feveret org lelaki, kalau lelaki tak minat kawin lebih bukan normal. Ttp ckp2 poligami hanyalah guraun shj. Yg diam2 itu yg bahaya hehehe 5. Orang Melayu perlu ada minda usahawan dari mak bapak hingga ke cucu supaya harta yang diwarisi atau harta peninggalan boleh berkembang maju. Jika tidak hilang begitu sahaja, tergadai kpd orang lain dan kalau ada pun terbiar begitu sahaja dengan semak

Melaka Airline

Sebenarnya pengangkutan dari Melaka ke Indonesia sudah lama beroperasi cuma dengan pengangkutan super bot  atau Bot Laju dari Melaka ke Dumai.  Perkhidmatan yang terbaru adalah dengan kapal terbang dari Melaka ke Medan , secara tidak lansung dapat meningkatkan ekonomi dan pelancong kedua-dua belah tempat Medan dan Melaka. Aku masih belum berkesempatan untuk melawat Dumai dan Medan. Harap suata hari nanti aku dapat pergi. Anda boleh refer dengan maklumat di sini  Melaka pengangkutan-pelancongan Melaka mempunyai perkhidmatan feri sehala dan pergi-balik ke Dumai (Indonesia) yang berlepas setiap hari. Visa diperlukan oleh bukan warga Malaysia. Perkhidmatan feri tiba dan berlepas daripada: Jeti Shahbandar Taman Melaka Raya 75000 Melaka Untuk maklumat lanjut, sila hubungi operator berikut: Melaka - Dumai Operator Perkhidmatan No. Tel / Faks Tambang (RM) Jadual Berlepas Astora Sdn Bhd +606-282 9888 N.A. N.A. Indomal Express +606-283 2506 RM80.00 (Sehala) RM129.00 (Pergi-

Eid Mubarak to all my Muslim friends

2012 2011 Special dedication to my SSEAYP friends in 2011 2009

Halal food in Vietnam

Restoran Halal di Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam Di Bandar Ho Chi Minh, agak mudah untuk mencari makanan halal kerana komuniti penduduk yang beragama Islam agak ramai di sini. Ini dapat dilihat dengan kehadiran masjid-masjid yang banyak di bina di sekitar bandar ini. Restoran Bombay ini terletak di 59 Dong Du, District 1 dan betul-betul berhadapan dengan pintu masuk Hotel Sheraton Saigon. Ini pula sebuah kedai yang terletak di Food Court di dalam Bangunan Parkson. Ianya terletak di sebelah Hotel Asian di mana tempat kami menginap iaitu di Dong Khoi Street. Ini pula Restoran Four Season. Resoran ini menghidangkan masakan Malaysia dan ianya agak popular kerana pernah muncul di dalam Rancangan Jalan-Jalan Cari Makan. Ianya terletak di Thi Sach Street, District 1. Ia juga terletak berhampiran Hotel Sheraton Saigon tetapi kena berjalan agak jauh sedikit. Ini pula restoran kegemaran kami. Walaupun terletak agak jauh di District 10, tetapi agak berbaloi pergi ke san

What you should know before come to Malaysia

Traveler's Guide Goods Exempted: Wine/spirit/malt/liquor not exceeding 1 liter. Tobacco not exceeding 225 grams (equal to 200 sticks of cigarettes). New wearing apparels up to 3 pieces. 1 pair of new footwear. Portable electrical or battery operated appliances for personal care and hygiene not exceeding 1 unit each. Foods preparations up to total value of not exceeding RM75. All other goods including gifts and souvenirs other than alcoholic beverages, spirits, tyres, tubes, tobacco, cigarettes and motor vehicles, valued not exceeding RM400 ( goods from Langkawi, Pulau Tioman and Labuan, not exceeding RM500).  If the travellers bring in excess quantity of goods exempted, he shall be liable to duty on the excess only. GREEN/RED LANE FACILITIES: Green Lane is for travellers with “Nothing to Declare” (non-dutiable and non-prohibited goods). Otherwise the trav

If You Are Backpackers

B ackpacker and Travel Tips from people who have been there and done it •The little plastic containers that camera film comes in are excellent for storing things. The best use I found for them was salt and pepper holders. • If you’re a drinker, make sure you have your own wine/bottle opener! Sometimes you can get them as key rings. You’ll never find one in a hostel cause they’re constantly stolen. • Always travel with a pack of cards. It’s the best way to make friends and a lifesaver if you’re staying in a hostel with no TV. • A sarong has many uses. It acts as a tablecloth during a picnic. A wrap around if you’ve unfortunately managed to fry your legs to a crunchy crusty crisp in the midday sun. A belt that keeps your trousers up. A blanket to sit on while relaxing on the beach or in the park. Finally, my personal favourite, if you’re lucky enough to get a bottom bunk, you can pin it under the mattress above so you get a little more privacy. • Don’t leave home without

Asam Pedas Melaka

Actually I'm not foodie but I love to variety food at place I'm visited. I have been to Melaka many time but this is the 1st I try to Asam Pedas in Melaka. My friends brought and told me that the famous Asam Pedas in Melaka actually at Asam Pedas Claypot and Asam Pedas Melaka. The restauran actually behind the Jongker Walk. This is my 1st time so I cannot say this the best Asam Pedas in Malaysia but I can say this Asam Pedas is very delicious and very spicy. You must eat rice with dishes as a complete of Asam Pedas. If you like spicy food you should try this Asam Pedas and try to never miss the food everytime you come to Melaka. I'm really enjoy the food and you can see on my 1st picture that I'm try to finish the food hehehe. If I come back again this is the food that I will try it again. A little bit about Asam Pedas has same meaning in Indonesia ( Indonesian : Asam Pedas, Malay : Asam Pedas, Minangkabau : Asam Padeh, English: Sour and Spicy) is a Minangkabau and

Terminal Bersepadu Selatan (TBS)

New terminal was newly opened in January 2011. This 1 of the best bus terminal in Malaysia looks like International Airport even better than LCCT. Why I said like it's because the interior looks like inside airport   with new technology such as touch screen when u want to buy a ticket or to find information. The facilities the up most comfort and conveience for all South-bound bus passengers and users. They have 60 specialty outlets for all your shopping while travelling need and also many food and beverage available. The problem is they have 2 counter ticket. One is running by TBS and another one running by bus operator maybe make u a little bit confuse. What can I say if u want to buy a ticket first you check 1st counter (a) refer the photo below , if you don't find the ticket at the time that you want then try to find at 2nd counter (b) refer the photo below. Maybe you don't need to wait to long to get the bus when you buy a ticket at second counter bus. What can

10 tips for backpackers

You, a bag and the world at your feet. The adventure of a lifetime awaits. No matter where you’re trekking off to, these few simple measures will ensure a safe, savvy trip 1. The bag While backpacking is all about thrifty travel, the one thing you shouldn’t stinge on is your bag. The key to choosing one that’s right for you comes down to comfort – usually, unless you’re doing heavy lifting, it shouldn’t be more than 4500 CUI (cubic inches). Also, buy yours from a reputable maker – shoddy workmanship or material will tear only too easily. (Normally I'm using 55 litter Deuter backpack plus 22 liter Deuter for daysack) 2. Packing essentials Every traveler should have these: • Flip flops: A must-have for use in those communal showers • Pillowcases • Extra wallet: Pickpockets are in backpacker inns. Dividing your money into different wallets reduces the risk of losing everything should you become a victim • Wet wipes: A shower may not always be available • Space sav

4 Ways To Be A Traveler, Not A Tourist

Tourist or traveler? The debate rages on. Let me start with an example. The scene: a gift shop at the Jewish Museum in Berlin. It’s almost completely free of tacky souvenirs, and instead full of meaningful books, DVDs and other informative materials about Jewish culture and history, which befit this truly fascinating museum. As I stand near the counter browsing a shelf of novels, an English-speaking tourist runs in. “Excuse me, where’s the book that everybody buys?” she shouts in the general direction of the two shop assistants, who are both serving customers. Being mid-conversation with said polite customers, they don’t respond immediately. “Oh, so you don’t speak English? Where’s someone who speaks English?” says the rushing tourist. One of the transactions has just finished, so a shop assistant tells her, “I speak English, how can I help you?” “I just want the book that everybody buys. I don’t have time to look. My tour bus is waiting outside,” the tourist says loudly.

View Shah Alam city at the top of Hotel Quality

Shah Alam is a city in the Petaling District (together with a small portion of neighbouring Klang District) within Selangor State, Malaysia . It is located about 25 kilometres (15 mi) west of the country's capital, Kuala Lumpur . In 1978, it replaced Kuala Lumpur as the capital city of the state of Selangor due to Kuala Lumpur's incorporation into a Federal Territory in 1974. Shah Alam was the first planned city in Malaysia after independence in 1957 . Shah Alam was once known as Sungai Renggam and was noted for its rubber and oil palm estates. Later, the same area was identified as Batu Tiga prior to Malaysian independence, and has been a centre of rubber and palm oil trade for centuries. Its current name was chosen by the then state Sultan of Selangor , Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah , after his late father Sultan Alam Shah . Many other monuments, buildings and even a street are named after the late Sultan. Shah Alam was granted city status on 10 October 2000

Mount Bintang

Mount Bintang (In Malay: Gunung Bintang) is a mountain on the border of the states Kedah and Perak in the Bintang Mountains, Malaysia. Its summit is 1,863 metres (about 6,174 ft) the highest mountain in Kedah. 7 hour 30 minute hike from Sedim Recreation Park,Kulim,Kedah. The campsite available at summit but no water point.some muddy trail before summit.lots of leeches along the trail.beware of big cat and elephant.The journey very leisure because it took 2 day to complete . Very enjoyable and nice view at the summit . During that times the weather very cold and it was raining during hiking. Everyone should try spend 2 day 1 night after doing white water rafting at Sedim River.  Elephant poo