Short story about me in Kuching

Sometime i'm lost sometime i didn't know what should i do in life . Maybe because i'm to comfort with life right now. Actually  my friends who's know me well will ask me why are u so busy and hardly to meet you . I don't know what right answer to give. Sometime my friends call me then i said i'm in Kuching ( for holdiday) , Sg Pisang ( for outdoor activity) and Mount Nuang ( for hiking ) and doing some outdoor course. Meaning that i'm not in my hometown or that area.

Anyway last February was i went to Kuching for travel and also for holiday. I was there for the 1st time in my life and 1st time i come alone without anybody that i known. Is like ''Solo Backpackers" that most people call it . When 1st time i'm arrive in Kuching City I ask myself 'for what i'm here?' heheheh and keep smiling like crazy people . But the is going well after i found my accommodation for RM 16/person /per night . I was for 4 day in Kuching and meet many people . Some are very friendly and some are very shy like me heheheh. I like to talk with local people because i want to get direct information about interesting place at there and some of hidden place that can't find in the book . Other than that i also can get to know about the culture through the souvenir and which shop can give the best price for souvenir. Some shop sell souvenir very expensive because the souvenir is different with other , hardly to get meaning that you must go to village then you will get it and have some history about that thing. ( some have spirit). For me this trip is the best experience i had.
Some picture that i want to share with you. For full covarage please click 

Me at Bishop Gate in Kuching

Local people at Waterfront 

Another famous Kek Lapis direct from factory

Old building that use as museum

"Think About Your Next Trip"
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