Part 3 : On the 3rd day in Kuching

 Along this road u can find many souvenir, this place is near to waterfront. U can find such as  sarawak arts , traditional music percussion etc.

Kek Lapis  yang terkenal di Sarawak , mcam mana nak pergi amik boat singgah dan berjalan sedikit ke Kg Gersik. Mmg fresh terus dari kilang . Plz refer at keklapisdayangsalhah for futher information

Fort Margherita 

Bangun Dewan Undangan Negeri

Kg Budaya Sarawa or Sarawak Culture Village (SCS) is the place that u need to visit. Because in side the culture village they have so many traditional house base on different ethnic  such Iban, Bajau , Penan and many more. At the same time in the traditional house u can see how they live and how they survive in the jungle. When u enter the SCS they will give u small book about SCS and the activity that u can follow because inside there , around 10 tradisional house u can visit . Then after finish , they have traditional dance (culture show) base on ethnic in auditorium . The culture show time is fix , so dont miss the show like the bottom picture
Some traditional dance show at SCS

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