The Marvelous Jerangkang Waterfalls

The Jerangkang Falls can be reached from the KL-Kuantan road. About 30 km after passing Maran, turn left at a signboard 'Hutan Lipur Jerangkang'.
The road leads through rubber plantations and passes under the new KL-Kuantan Highway.
For the last part a 4WD is needed, but that may change as work is in progress on the access road.

Transport to the falls can be arranged from a nearby kampung. Contact us for more info.

Camping near the waterfall

From the place where the car can be parked, it is only a 15 minute walk to the first waterfall.

Near this waterfall there is a perfect place for camping.
Still clean, but for how long?

The fall ends in a nice pool, the campsite's own bathroom...
A nice place to relax

Trekking along the river

From the campsite a clear trail leads uphill alongside the river. The main trail is on the right bank, but it is also possible to cross the river and follow the left bank.

An 'endless' succession of waterfalls is the reward, most of them with attractive pools

Waterfalls, waterfalls and more waterfalls

According to the locals, there is a total of 43 separate waterfalls.
These pictures cover the falls until step 15, so there is still work to be done...!

This series of waterfalls belongs definitely to the most attractive that can be found in Malaysia!

The trail is well marked, but in the upper parts, some scrambling is required

This region is well-known with the locals for its beautiful orchids

Because the river has eroded a broad gully, it is never difficult to find your way back
Credit for WaterfallsOfMalaysia.COm

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