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Bahasa Malaysia adalah Bahasa Rasmi : But English Also Important too

The Malay language is the official language of Malaysia. However, why is it that many Chinese, Indians and other minorities cannot converse well in Malay? Malaysia should implement that every Malaysian should be able to converse well in Malay. Those who failed to do that, should go back to their respective countries a.s.a.p. We must follow our neighbouring country's system, where the Chinese living in Indonesia can converse well in the Indonesian language and do not even know how to speak in their own mother tongue. Even the British government had announced on 9th June 2010 that any immigrant coming to Britain to marry have to show they can speak English at the same level required for skilled workers under the points-based system. Read more about it here. You are the descendants of the Chinese and Indian that was brought in by the British colonizer to take back the richness of rubber and tin mining resources to their own country to stop their country from becoming bancrupt. R

Belajar Terus Belajar

In the current poll on my blogsite, I invite my readers to name their academic qualification achieved when entering the workforce (you can vote here): Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia or lower; Diploma; Undergraduate degree; and Postgraduate degree. Early results suggest that most respondents possess an SPM or lower, with those holding an undergraduate degree emerging in second place. Although this sample is not completely representative of the population, it has somewhat mirrored by the Statistics Department findings, showing that 77 percent of the Malaysian working population (or 60 percent of the entire nation) entered the workforce with up to SPM qualifications or equivalent in 2007 (see NEAC's NEM for Malaysia report). This is a considerable statistic that suggests a great opportunity to me: an opportunity to motivate and develop our workers further to spur the growth that we need. I'm proud of our workforce but, as I cautioned when introducing the New Economic Model, having o

New age media

The new age media is not  depend on radio , television and newspaper anymore, but more into internet or web base media .People are now less to read news paper especially Malay people are less to read newspaper and watch the news on television. The are now depends on new medium such as blogging, website ,facebook ,twitter ,youtube, podcast and many more. The information through what i said before is always update and we can get the latest news very fast . All in finger tips. Why i said all in finger tips? It is because now people people are buying hand phone that can access internet either wireless broadband (subscribe through telco company) or wireless ( free access through any shop/ mall that provide wireless internet ). So they can get the information through hand phone . Either you in car , in the toilet , in the cinema or any place , you will get the latest information and you also can update the information that u know or to say something just through hand phone and it will spread