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Try but not try at all

I try to update this blog often but sometimes i'm to tired to write and to think what should i write . Anyway me life so busy right now with work , after work going gym and most of the time my life full with personal activity during weekend. I hard to believe that i'm still here with my friend and family. But not all my friends that i able to meet coz time consuming. Might one day i still meet them because they are important in my life and best to 'lepak'with them coz i like to share with their current activity such scouting , business , outdoor and many more. At the left picture is me at star cruise terminal . The ship call Fuji Maru.  Only certain people who are selected can join this program that call SSEAYP . I hope next year i will be selected so that i can sail around south east asia for a month and at the same time learn about other coulture.