Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sabah Road Trip

Well actually i'm not motivated to wright in English anymore because i feel hard and yet will make my idea fly way coz don't find the right word or sentence to write. Anyway because of believe i will push myself to write in english but i will update my blog regularly not life before 

The trip was totally enjoy with 5 crazy people hahha. I dont have any idea to write coz i'm to lazy right now. But what can I say right now is the was enjoy fun and memorable . This is my 2nd trip to sabah at the same place but with people . If u go same place but with different people the environment will be different too. As a leader (unofficial leader)  in this trip  what i'm planning is all in oder and everyone satisfied and happy. But the food in Sabah is not good n  tidak sedap compare with my hometown. Need put more sugar and the unique in Sabah they provide soup everytime u order Nasi Lemak. Last but not list don't ever-ever try to oder Nasi Ayam Lemon , it will make you upset hah Me like Tuai Rumah ( Leader Of Community)

at Tip Of Borneo

 action kame at Kinabalu Park 

At Manukan Island

*Song for you Tinggi-tinggi langit Kinabalu , Tinggi lagi saya sayang kamu ........
  Sumandak - mean girl
  andul - mean relax
  bah - lah or lingo 

"Think About Your Next Trip"

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