Friday, November 25, 2011

Nike KL Run 2011

NikeKL Run 2011 is coming again for this year on Sunday 27 Nov 2011 . Actually I’m not ready for this Sunday competition because I’m so busy with my career and other stuff . Anyway I’m still want to participate because this event is  big event  and worth more than you pay. You just pay for RM35 for goodies bag , t-shirt and  Nike water bottle. I heard some contestant who join the running event just want t-shirt and  goodies. For me is nothing to question at least they also running for the good course J .On this Sunday  also have entertainment show from Mizz Nina and. Joe Flizow after the running competition. Hope nothing happen to me because I’m not training for the last three weeks hehehe.

My goodies beg :)

Nike Run T-Shirt

Joe Flizow and Mizz Nina

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