Sunday, October 16, 2011

What your status?

Some people always try their to update every single minutes depends on people. Maybe they use FB as blog to update what their doing rite. Now days with the latest technology you can update status through handphone at any place and also can check in the location that you have been too. Are you like above picture ? 

How about relationship status ? hahaha. Are believe your FB friends really single ? Most likely there like to put single status . How about other status ? Like in a relationship? Are they really in relationship ? I think some girls if they really in relationship they like to put that status so that people know that they are in relationship or maybe because they don't want guys to disturb them. But some guys dont like to show their relationship status unless their gf ask too hehehe.  Is't right? 
"Single" and "In a relationship" are just terms. Your heart determines your status. :)

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