Friday, June 24, 2011


Actually lately I'm very frustrated with wordpress because I just start new blog in English using wordpress early this year. I put a lot of afford to change template, design and put some minimal graphic on the blog. Suddenly last tuesday I try log in the blog then suddenly it appear ACCOUNT SUSPENDED. You can see the image above. It happen on the next day after I try to make another blog with the same account about Photo Blog. When I read the 'Terms of service', I never violate the rules. I never have this experience before this while using Blogger.Com. But people still can view the blog but I can't update the blog anymore. I'm really sad and don't have mood to update :(. But hope will recover soon.

So what should I do now ? Continue using Blogger.Com or make a new acc for Wordpress.Com

Saya adalah blogger bagi MalaysiaBackpackers.Com dan SifuBlog.Com . Kerana minat mendalam dalam blogging saya telah menghasilkan beberapa ebook. Selain dari blog saya juga adalah usahawan printing baju di PrintingBajuOnline.Com. Masa saya banyak dihabiskan untuk blog dan aktiviti kesukarelawan

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