Saturday, March 20, 2010

I'm lost in reality

Actually i'm not totally lost but feel like i'm lost because everytime what i doing i feel never have be end . Always stuck in the middle . I never try to solve just find a new thing then back to the old story . So i stay at home just for while then going to see friends. Anyway what stuck in my mind is improving my english within year. My target is within 1 year i can speak english very well and my standart at advance level. So i will try do everything in english , eat , dreaming in english everything in english .

Last Wednesday i went to Better Spoken English conduct by my department . Is just startup course to open mind for participant to improving the language. The course only for two days and it cannot help a lot to improve the language told by the speaker. Anyway for its'very for because at list i know where to improve and how to be better spoken english. Maybe i will take short course for english class . For the time being i will only english news  paper , any english book, singing in english song and repeat the many time and try to speak English with my mom . The most important i must update my blog in english frequently so that i can improve my writing also some exercise book given from my personal lecturer hehehee.

Reading and listening are the input and speaking and writing are output . So we need four element to improve the language .The speaker said that for beginner normally they will remember between 1500 - 2000 words. For intermediate between 2001 - 4000 word , advance between level 4+++ and native speaker is more than 8000 , so which are your lever? I hope end of this year i can improve to advance level . I put my hat on you if you can be a native speaker within one year :)

Reality is depend on what u think :)

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