Friday, January 29, 2010

I force myself

I will try to force myself to update my blog in english. Actually it's very hard when your medium languange is Malay then suddently change into English medium. I learn everyday by listning english , converse in english with my parents and reading english news paper . Maybe I look stupid when in i speak in english but at list i try to improve compare to people who do nothing.

This week is the last week of January , but this month show me what gonna happen next month and other month and also what's i want achieve this year. What i feel right now is i'm so busy and time is limited to spent time with my frenz. All activity and program are already i plan and follow the schedule . Most of the activity is outdoor activity and travelling . At the same time i plan to be selected with international program and youth and sport ministiry program.

In mean time , this time is my time test my ability to make a lot of programe and to lead youth assiociation. I want to test myself that i can lead and move to another next level. From my experience i know i can . But i also need my friends that can help me . Without friends who am i?

People will stay with you if you make them happy

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